Monday, January 22, 2007

Can ANYONE Help Me?? I am pretty much about to give up blogging! I still cannot post pics. So until I find someone to educate me, I will go back to the Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble days of emailing pics. I feel like the biggest techno loser in the known world!!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

Our munchkin is one!! Hooray for Emily!

I am just figuring out how to post pics again since I updated our blog...Ugggghhhh!! So, I will post a couple of pics that most of you probably already have. Hopefully everyone that checks this site probably got an email with pics of Em's b'day, therefore I am not going to be repetitious and make you all look at the same pictures...although I do find them hilarious and most worthy of posting.

This past year has been a fabulous ride watching our sweet girl grow...way too fast! I'll leave you with a "before cake" and "after cake" pic! (I just hope it actually works)