Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yeah, Bubble Gum!

We thought she would love this little bubble gum flavored "treat." UMMM, not so much! I believe that at this point she has thrown up this delicious little concoction at least 4 times after we bravely tried to adminster it. I hope that she is actually receiving some of the benefits of this healing medicine. We'll see!! Posted by Picasa

Our Very Own David Copperfield!

Well, she is trying her absolute best to somehow escape the confines of her crib! Derek lowered her mattress, after finding her in these precarious positions! But she is proving to have the strength to go where she wants to go regardless. It gives us lots to look forward to in the months to come!

Usually Emily wakes up super sweet and happy in the morning and from her naps, but due to her new discoveries, wake-up time has been very interesting, to say the least! What was she thinking was all that I could say at 6 in the morning! Which, by the way, has been another exciting event in the Kramer household. She is not feeling well, thanks to double ear infections. Her average wake-up time has very unfortunately been between 5-6am over the past week. UGGHHH! Oh well, she is so worth it! It is just sad to see that she has been so uncomfortable while she is sleeping, or trying to anyway. For a little girl that is used to sleeping from 8pm to 7:30am, this is a big deal, more so for her parents:):)

We look forward to her getting over this interruption in good health quickly. I am so thankful to the Lord that she has been infection free up until this point. I was reminded this past week of how blessed we really are. It has been a few years since we have gone to a place where they live much less fortunate than us. I know there are lots of people in our own country as well that go without but not on the same magnitude as what we saw in Honduras. And, for us Honduras is just very close to our hearts. I frequently think back all of the precious children that we met there that go without the most basic medical care. As a mom, I cannot begin to feel what it must be like to not have the means to help your sick child get well. One bottle of Amoxicillin and Emily should be as good as new. It was as easy as getting in our car, driving to our Dr. at a very clean office, meeting with the skilled professional that Emily has seen since birth, filling the prescription at our very convenient neighborhood Walgreens, and driving back to our home and putting our sweet girl in her cozy bed. I describe it that way because I think we all take for granted just how God has placed us where we are and given us the means that He has. It made me go to bed that night so thankful for His provision and pray for moms and dads all over that cannot provide the most basic needs for their children. This is why I so look forward to the return of our Lord! He is so faithful to us all!! If nothing else, I hope that we will all be more aware of the needs of others and dilligently pray for the things that God cares about.

We'll keep everyone posted on Emily's "escape attempts." She is such a mess! Love to all!!

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